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At The Highway Church, we believe that God’s love can be known by anyone, whatever our age or experience of life. His love comes to us through his Son Jesus and however good or bad we feel doesn’t disqualify us from his love. Jesus said that he is The Truth that can set us free to live in freedom and live life to the full. This is GOOD NEWS, for all of us!

In Jesus, we find a transforming love and power that releases us from the prisons of our guilt, sin and shame; that heals and delivers us from damaged lives and restores us to a place of peace and wholeness in our lives.

At The Highway, we seek to go deeper with God and to see God breakthrough in our lives and in our communities. We welcome all, singles or families, younger or older, seekers or those growing in faith or those without faith. God’s love and his desire to reach you, goes beyond all boundaries.

Join us for a life-changing move with God!

We meet
Sundays 6pm
at the Hampton Hotel, Magor

Tuesdays 8pm
at Foxhill, Wilcrick nr. Magor

Click here for a map to both places